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Good Starts = Good Finishes

Client: Neil, what is the most important time for an employee at my company?

Neil: The second on the first day of employment that he or she walks in the door.

Good starts equal good finishes. This is a motto I live my life by and all hiring managers should as well. No matter the position, the MOST IMPORTANT time for any employee at your organization is when they start. This is make or break time. This is the time when the employee finds out if YOU are going to deliver for THEM. This is a time of learning, acquainting, and comfort-level setting.

We are all busy, but the time you spend during the first two-weeks-to-one-month of employment with your new people will set the tone for their success and ultimately your own. Think about it, you have just spent all this time finding your new employee. You are excited, they are excited. Yet, many leaders see their new employees as “plug and play.” Meaning that just give them their job description and their performance will be remarkable because they are that good.

Let me say this as directly as possible: There is no PLUG and PLAY in our industry. In our world, every organization has a culture and every brand has a story. These are not plug-and-play topics; these are taught and experienced with the guiding hand of a skilled leader. In the current labor market, your new employee likely left a job where they were comfortable and most likely indispensable. They came to you for any number of reasons, but do not forget…the number one reason someone takes (and leaves) a job is because of the person they are working for. Yes, you should read that again, because it is true. The time you spend teaching and mentoring your new employee when they first start with you will leave an indelible positive imprint and set them up to soar with your organization thereafter. Good starts equal good finishes.

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All the best,

Neil Solari, CEO and President Intertwine Group, Inc.

Neil Solari

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