Intertwine Group took the time to really understand our culture which played a large role in finding the perfect candidate, not just to do the job well, but to fit in perfectly with the team.

I used Intertwine to conduct a confidential job search for myself. They found me a great career opportunity with a company I can call home. The professionalism they displayed was amazing as my search was a sensitive one. I can’t thank Neil and Intertwine enough for all they did for me.

A recruiting firm that does it right. I can say that they are incredibly professional, make the hiring process easy, and most importantly they know how to find the right talent. They listened to our needs and delivered candidates that fit the profile and our company culture. For us it was not a question if any of their candidates could do the job, it was about which one best fit our culture.

If your company is looking to interview and hire talent that no one else has, call Intertwine. We were very impressed with the candidates Intertwine presented and how fast they were able to do it. We ended up hiring a great person who is thriving in our organization.

I’ve known Neil Solari for 32 years and Neil is smart, incredibly creative, a very hard worker and dedicated to solutions that create success.  Neil has over twenty five years of experience finding and placing the right people in the right jobs.  He has an uncommon sixth sense about people and where they fit best. Neil helps make our wine industry even stronger as we face the next set of challenges in our future.

After a tumultuous year for hospitality in Napa Valley and my own furlough, I was hesitant to get back into the industry. Fortunately, Neil Solari of Intertwine not only found me but found the perfect place for me to land. He took the time to understand where I had come from and where I wanted to go. His commitment to creating great fits for both employers and employees is evident.
I am excited to start this new chapter of my career and thankful for Neil’s help getting me there.

When you combine the fact that Neil has spent the majority of his career in recruiting, and the fact that he has family and friends in the wine business that respect his work, it is easy to see why he is a great choice to help fulfill talent needs in our industry.

The amount of pressure to hire the right people has never been more important. Neil and the team at Intertwine understand that. What I respect the most about their work is their transparency, honesty and resiliency on my behalf. Truly a remarkable organization!